Separatist Issue Looms

By: Jonathan Kay

  • -In this article Canada has problems between the French and the English. It is the province of Quebec that wants to separate from its country and be a French country. not many people in Canada support this sudden urge for Quebec to separate from their country.

This is What Quebec Separatism Looks Like in 2013

By: Joel Balsam

  • In this article people where asked about separatism in an interview. Most of the people said they should separate but when the interviewer got into the more complex questions they did not know. They want to separate but they don't want to do the hard work on making a real running country. they know how much it would cost but they don't know little stuff like having to change the currency and the policies.

Is Canada a Country Without a Core Culture?

By: Joe O'Connor

  • This is article is about Canada's culture. The 2 main languages in Canada are French and English. yet, there is still 2.2 million that don't speak either of those languages, and there is 6.6 million who speak different languages as well as French or English. there is over 200 languages spoken in Canada, so it will not be easy making one or two official languages that people need to know.
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By: Tim Dolbeare