Scientific Revolution

Kala S. 5th period

What was the change ?

The scientific revolution is the birth of modern science in Europe. It was in actuality mention to be a new way thinking and growth for society. For instance , Galileo Galilei: development of the telescope and Isaac Newton: discovery of the law of gravity.

(On the right is a replica of Galileo's telescope.)

Who are the people associated with the change ?

How did the change in impact society ?

to begin with, Galilei built the first ultimate telescope ; to see observe the heavens. he announced that Jupiter had four moons and the sun had dark spots by his observation. he also discovered that the planets weren't surrounded by Earth; but by the sun. newton, discovered all physical objects were equally affected by the same force better know as gravity. Jenner found a very dangerous vaccination for small pox disease. he inoculated cattle disease germs inside ones body and gave the person permanent protection from small pox. Cattle pox is a milder disease. in repletion, that makes cattle pox the first ever vaccination. (Above on the right is picture a needle being dipped in the small pox vaccine)

How is that change evident in today's Modern society

Galilei proved that Copernicus theory was correct. Also we still use the scientific method. Now today the have created more types of lens to enlarge at the amount of your choice. his ideas are still current today all over Europe. Next, newton laws of gravity are still believed and taught in schools. Lastly, today small pox are prevented ; and cattle pox is the first version of a vaccination.

Turning Points in History - Scientific Revolution