Weather Project

By Marissa Wilkinson

What heats up and cools off faster, land or water?

Land heats up and cools off faster, because it absorbs more heat and solar radiation while water reflects most solar radiation that reaches its surface.


Trade Winds / Westerlies

In the Northern Hemisphere, warm air around the equator rises, flowing north towards the pole. This air is deflected to the right, cooling it and making it descend. Now they will blow from the northeast to the southwest, back toward the equator. A similar wind pattern occurs in the Southern hemisphere. These are wet winds.

Polar Winds / Easterlies

These dry winds originate from the North and South poles. Frigid air in the water sinks toward the ground creating a high pressure area at the poles. At the same time warm air is rising creating low pressure areas. Winds are created as they move from the high pressure to low pressure areas. These winds blow from the East to the West.