6th Grade Technology

by: Klaire O'Leary

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An example of a Typing Web Lesson!

Typing Web

We use Typing Web a lot in Technology. It is the first thing we do when we get into the classroom, you type for 5 minutes. For each quarter, you have a certain point that you need to get to for typing. in the first quarter, you need to be at the Sentences part of the Intermediate course. That is about half way through the course. The second quarter you need to finish the Intermediate course. I have noticed my accuracy in typing has gone up since the beginning of the school year.
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Another unit we did in Technology was Coding. On Code.com, we had a grade scale. For a 1 you would complete Stages 1 & 2. For a 2 you would complete Stages 3, 4, and 5. For a 3, you would complete Stages 6 & 7. If you want to go above and beyond, for a 4, that would be Stages 8 & 9. All of the stages were in the Accelerated Course which is an introduction to Computer Science. In the unit, we could go at a pace that was comfortable for us. You are also allowed to do Coding during Free Time.
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Career Locker

In Career Locker, we got ideas of what colleges we might want to go to and the occupation we might have when we are older. Mrs. Myers took a break for this unit and Mrs. VandenBoogaard was our teacher. We got basic salaries, learned tons about different occupations, and had fun while doing it. This had to be one of my favorite units in Technology because now I know exactly what I want to be when I get older.
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Haiku Deck

For Haiku Deck, we researched our Dream Job on the Career Locker website. We made a presentation with a minimum of 10 slides. You find basic facts about your job and also share fun facts. You should be able to find most of your information on Career Locker. When you do this presentation, you actually might find some very helpful facts. You were required to present your Haiku Deck in front of the class. Mrs. Myers grades you on presentation skills and how well you can organize facts.
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For the iTrailer assignment, we used the iMovie app on our iPads to create a trailer about anything we wanted. You were not allowed to collect pictures or videos from Google. You used your own pictures/videos. You needed to submit your iTrailer to Schoology. Once you submitted your trailer you can share it with the class. I thought lots of people did a great job on their trailers!
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Explain Everything

In the Explain Everything unit, you pick a math problem and you explain how you solved it. You record your voice and use the different drawing tools to help your audience(Mrs. Myers) visualize the problem. Explain Everything is an app on our iPad's just like iMovie. You do not share your Explain Everything with the class. Mrs. Myers is the only one who can see it. The good part about this unit is that it doesn't matter if you get the problem correct or not!