Canadian SMORE Project

By: Anthony Harris

Environmental Issues of Canada

Acid Rain comes from when factories let out a lot of pollution and mixes in with the clouds. When it rains all of the chemicals from the pollution fall down with all of the other water. Sometimes the water will get into the Great Lakes and pollute the water and might even kill some of the fish and animals that live by or in the water can get killed. Also people can not fish in that area so they can not catch anything to feed their families with.

Mining for minerals and getting Natural Resources from places around the Canadian Shield can effect the environment around it too. It has been proven that blasting and digging with heavy machinery causes the land around it to be damaged and the environment ruined. Also mining process can let out a lot of pollution and cause acid rain.

In Canada there has been a lot of lumber companies forming, and now people are tearing down trees and animals homes. Most limber companies cut a certain area out of a forest and just leave a giant hole in the middle of the forest. Also it causes a lot more erosion to happen when they take out the trees, it reduces water quality, and when they use heavy machinery it can compact the ground.

Where Do People Live in Canada and Why?

Most of the Canadians population lives in the cities but 20% of the population lives in the rural area. The Great Lakes and the ST. Lawrence river are 2 major trade routs for Canada so a lot of people live in that area. Also a lot of the businesses are in that area. Some railroads and highways lead to and from the Atlantic ocean and Central Canada. The climate of Canada keeps most of Canada's population in a few areas. One example is Southeastern Canada because the summers are hot and winters are kind of cold but not too cold. There are a lot of Natural resources in southeastern Canada like coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, potash, diamonds, and silver.

Quebec's Independence Movement

The British wanted to join the fur trade and won the war against the French when they fought for it. Eventually they owned all of Canada but Quebec is still mostly a French speaking province. Now Canada is trying to get their independence from the British. The province of Quebec is mostly cities and now most people stopped going to catholic churches, English was now spoken in almost every city, and most people stopped leading a traditional lifestyle.