Weekly RoaR

Week Ending April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to YOU!

April 17 - Lindsey Ferrell

Upcoming Events

Next week - Alternate schedule on Event Calendar!!

April 14

PTA General Meeting, 6:30 PM

**We may have someone contest our PTA Board for next year, which would result in a ballot election to be done at that time. If you are available to swing by from 6:30 to 6:45 PM to vote, it would be greatly appreciated.

First Grade Musical, 7:00 PM

April 15

First Grade Musical, 7:30 AM

April 20

KC Club, 2:30 to 3:30 PM

April 21

District Autism Night at Dodd

Please tidy up, tidy up the halls. :)

April 22

Tooth Fairy Presentation, K-2 at 8:00 AM & 3-4 at 2:00 PM

Dodd #edtech Coach

If you are interested in serving as our campus #edtech Coach for the 2016-2017 school year, please fill out the application below. It does include a $1000 stipend. Coaches would attend district training(s) in order to prepare for campus Tech Talks. In addition, this person would need to help with planning the Digital Fair in the spring semester.

PLC Academy

In PLCs, we talked about utilizing our 16-17 budget money to improve our PLCs by sending a core group to the PLC Academy. We know PLCs has the ability to transform student achievement. It's been proven over and over and over. This academy will help us identify our biggest areas to address, as well as reassure us of the things we are doing correctly. If you would like to serve in this facet. Please sign up below. We will probably be looking for 5-6 individuals.

Kinder Round Up

We welcomed 62 tiny future dinos last night. They were ADORABLE. I know it's so sappy, but I love this night because I am so hopeful. The vast majority of these kiddos come in EXCITED and READY to be at "big school." Many were happy to share their experiences at preschool so far. As elementary school educators, we get to set the foundation for learning for each student that walks through our door. It's a heavy load to carry, but I am so glad to be a part of it.

Thank you for igniting and fanning their flame for learning!

I mean...look at those faces. We have one more incoming Dino that is staff-related, Miss Macy Light! But her mom has not posted a picture on FB for me to steal. ;)

Reminder from Duvall: Personal Days

We discussed this in PLCs with some of you, but for those we missed or didn’t get to talk to, please note the following procedures:

  • Please email Jennifer Herrera 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE with your day and confirmed sub for your personal day. It is your responsibility to secure your own sub for your personal day.
  • Once she receives your email, she will get the day set up and secured in AESOP.

If you do not request your day 24 hours in advance and/or you do not have a confirmed sub, it will not be approved.

I am asking that for the next 30 days, we use personal days sparingly. With testing around the corner and good subs that are limited, it will reduce stress. Like I asked in PLCs, if you need a day in the next month, please come talk to me.

Library Materials

We are missing many laptops/technology items from the library. I realize that there were times you needed to grab something while Rhonda was on leave, and that is fine. Now that she is back and we are getting near inventory time, we really need to locate these devices. Please bring them to the library to check out in your name, so that we know they haven't been stolen. Thank you!

Have a great, restful weekend, Dinos!