Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

January 8

PBS Focus of the Week -

We will continue with Boot Camp for next week with our lessons on expectations for restroom, bus, Early Knights, Charger Time and Walking. See the schedule provided for lesson specifics. Thank you for taking the time to review the expectations for safe, respectful and responsible behaviors. This review will help students to be aware of expectations ton improve compliance.

Thank you for finding ways to make our Boot Camp a fun way to practice!

Our Character Trait for the month is Hardworking/Motivation

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Duties for the Week

Please see your schedule in the handbook for Charger Time duty.

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Calendar of Events:

Monday, January 11

*PBS SET visit

*IEP for AP5 8:30 (Henderson, Treat, Haugen)

*School Culture mtg 3:40

Tuesday, January 12

*New Crew mtg 7:00 a.m.

*Intruder Drill 8:45

*Literacy Team mtg 3:40

Wednesday, January 13

*Early Dismissal 1:15

*PD with Vickie Robb 1:45 - 3:30

Thursday, January 14

*Curriculum work - Sue at Dix 8 - 10

*TST for SD3 3:45 (Fleming, Frank, Haugen)

*Skate Night at SK8 Zone 6 - 8

Friday, January 15

*TST for XL3 10:00 (Fleming, Haugen)

Monday, January 18

*No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 19

*ICLE Principal training (Sue at Dix Rd. for day)

*PBS Team mtg 3:40

*PTO mtg 6:30

Wednesday, January 20

*IEP for JP4 9:10 (Mantle, Haugen, Treat, Cummins)

*TST for DB3 10:00 (Bodenhamer, Moeller/Brondel, Frank, Haugen)

*Problem Solving Team 3:40

Thursday, January 21

*PBS Coach, Michael Auer, to meet with each team during plan

*District Staff Appreciation breakfast - Judy Uthe - 8:00

*TST for BT2 2:15 (Dunn, Haugen)

Collective Commitment of the Week

Staff will create a sense of belonging so all feel proud, accepted and welcome.

  • We will celebrate the positive.

How do you celebrate the positive each day in small and big ways? I hear teachers comment to students about the great things happening for them, the positive student choices made, etc. Thank you for noticing the positives! It is awesome to see the students respond to sincere positive feedback about their growth and effort!

How do we continue to focus on the positive and recognize them when a student or colleague does something well?

Rigor and Relevance

Our time on Monday was a great start to our discussion on our current instructional practices.

We spent time Monday looking specifically at rigor and how this relates to Bloom's Taxonomy. The reflective conversations within groups and as a staff got wheels turning about how to move student thinking to the higher levels more frequently and consistently.

On our early dismissal day on the 13th, we will spend our time looking at relevance.

Can you identify the various levels of rigor in the lesson?

Inside a Rigorous Classroom


*Be aware that all students will take the SRI (FRA for kindergarten only) when we return in January. The window for assessment is January 5 - 22.

*Check your website to see that it is updated.

*Grades need to be updated each week in Infinite Campus.

*Hallway bulletin boards are a great place to showcase student work. Please take time to spruce up your hallway bulletin boards in the next week!

PBS SET Visit on Monday, January 11th

On Monday, we will have visitors in our building to conduct a Schoolwide Evaluation Tool (SET) related to our PBS implementation. The visitors will be looking at our PBS signage, listening for our use of PBS language, etc.

  • Please be sure that you have your PBS matrix up in your classroom, along with any additional signage regarding expectations.
  • Our guests will NOT interrupt instruction during their visit.
  • Students and staff will be talked with as a way to assess knowledge of our expectations, as well as use of PBS language and practices.

Thank you for sharing your practices and knowledge with our guests during their visit.

Required Annual Videos

This is a reminder that staff members are required to annually watch training videos. All training videos must be watched and completion forms submitted by February 1, 2016.

These training videos are required by state law and/or district policy, and you must annually provide confirmation that you have completed each of the training modules.

Staff members in certified positions are required to watch:

  • Confidentiality of Student Information
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
  • Identifying Signs of Sexual Abuse in School Children
  • Standard Precautions for Avoiding Infections
  • Student Discipline

Staff members in non-certified positions are required to watch:

  • Confidentiality of Student Information
  • Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation
  • Identifying Signs of Sexual Abuse in School Children
  • Standard Precautions for Avoiding Infections

You may watch the videos at your convenience by logging in to your SchoolWires account. (If you experience trouble logging in to SchoolWires please contact Jan Lange at 659-3121).

Once you have signed in, you can view the videos by selecting the "District Departments" drop-down menu, then selecting "Human Resources", and then finally the "Staff Training Videos" on the left side of the page.

Once you have finished watching all required videos, you will log in to TalentEd Records and submit the completion form that is in your "Needs Attention" task list.

As a reminder, TalentEd Records functions best in Google Chrome. Your user name is your firstname.lastname and your password is what you use to log in to your computer each day.

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