President Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? Deferentially a Big Fat Zero.

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson made many bad decisions. One of the worst ones was The Trail of Tears. First off he did not follow the supreme court orders, he complete disregarded them. They shouldn't have even been removed from their land. He treated the Native Americans like animals. He killed over half of there population. And he made them walk from Georgia to Oklahoma. His reasons for doing this is because he thought they were savages, there was gold on there land, and they had really fertile land to grow cotton on.


Is he really a Common Man?

Jackson seemed like a common man when everything started. He seemed like the type of man that people could relate to. But in reality he wasn't. If Jackson was really a "common man" would he have done such terrible things? Such as the trail of tears. Also if he was born into poverty then why would he die with 150 slaves? I don't think that a common man would have a mansion. would he have acted as if he was above the law?


Worcester v. Georgia

In this court case the Supreme Court said that the Cherokee Indians were a sovereign nation. The Supreme Court also said that it was against the rules to remove them from there land. Jackson decided that this was not a very good rule. He completely disregarded the Supreme Court and moved the Cherokee Indians anyway.


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The artist made this cartoon like this because Jackson thought he was above the law.

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