Class Newsletter

Ms. Montgomery's 11th Grade US History Class

Basic Information


Hello all! This is our official class newsletter where you will be able to find upcoming events, important dates, and so on. This is the first edition for the school year so I just simply wanted to introduce myself to all of my students and parents. I am very excited about this school year and cannot wait to meet each of you!

My name is Jennifer Montgomery and I will be your child's US History teacher this year. This is my third year teaching 11th grade US History. I absolutely love the subject and the grade level. I received my Bachelor's of Arts degree in history from the University of Houston in 2016. While working on my degree, I taught toddlers at a local daycare. I love teaching, and I love my students. History has always been my favorite subject to both learn and teach. I believe that in order to truly know where we are headed we must understand the events that led us to this point. Without understanding our past, our futures will simply consist of the same routines. History truly does repeat itself when people ignore the lessons they have been taught by prior actions. That being said, I believe that this class should be designed to be engaging and fun, rather than one-side and boring as most history courses often are. I will be providing a syllabus that further explains this concept and shows the course calendar for the entire year.

More Teacher/Class Information

For students who need extra attention or simply help I will have tutoring sessions after school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If none of these does work for you, let me know as soon as you feel you need help to set up an appointment with me on another day. Also, feel free to email me about any concerns you may have (this goes for both students AND parents). You can also call me on my classroom phone; however, please note that I will not be able to answer or respond right away. Email is the best way to get a hold of me. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held in November and late April. But if I feel the need to discuss something with a parent one-on-one, I will call home to set up a parent conference. Also, if you feel you need to discuss a concern about your student's classroom performance, behavior, etc., please feel free to contact me to set up a meeting.

Our classroom is designed to promote discussions, collaborative work, and high levels of thinking. I expect ALL of my students to respect one another's differences and to offer responses to other's opinions that state their beliefs without criticizing the other person. In order to do this the desks have been placed into to semi-circles on each side of the room. Each Friday we will get into groups to discuss and analyze the week's lecture and then share as a whole class. During large group discussion times I will give the person speaking a ruler that they will then pass to the next person and so on so that we have one person talking at a time. Anyone talking without the ruler in their hand will suffer a 5 point drop in their participation grade for the day.

First Unit

The first unit of study for the course is going to cover some basic background of the founding of the American colonies. We will start with early years of European exploration and work our way to eighteenth century British America. Be prepared to dive right into the unit during the first week of school. We will have a discussion class in which we will talk about what students already know and what they would like to know. Be sure to pick up your textbook from the Book Office on the first floor the first or second week of school!

I will post a class calendar on my website, and I will also attach one to the syllabus. Expect weekly email updates from me discussing the overview for the new week including the new objectives and homework assignments. Email updates will be sent out on Sunday evenings around 6 o'clock. I will also send out a new, updated newsletter every THREE WEEKS. Please be looking for these, as the class newsletter with address most concerns/questions that you or your child may have. Again, please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions! I will respond as quickly as possible.