Media Center Newsletter

Phillip O Berry High School

November/December 2014

November was exciting month for the Media Center being that we rolled out our laptops for teacher classroom usage! Not only did we start off with one cart of 30 laptops; we gained an additional 45 laptops! This was a huge success with pushing classroom technology. Ms. Moore and Mrs. Ullah were able to work with Mrs. Barnes-Parkins leadership class to work on a video Teacher/Staff Appreciation video that was a success using WeVideo (highlighted below).

We finished up December with a Faculty and Staff Hallway Challenge! We also finished up with applying for the Media Center Makeover (Belk Bowl Competition) below:

Check out November/December stats:

71 class visits to the Media Center computer lab

108 Classes checked out the Media Center's laptop carts.

15 Library Orientation (research) Classes Taught by Ms. Moore

2505 individual students visits to the Media Center

220 books checked out

Belk Bowl Competition Submission - Phillip O Berry Media Center

POB Innovation Lab2

Media Center Tech Tools

Media Center Tech Tools

the world's most powerful and easy-to-use online video editing platform.

Examples of exciting ways educators are putting WeVideo to use include:

  • Students bring lessons to life by creating video trailers to share book summaries with their literature classmates, "commercials" highlighting interesting geography facts about their state and interactive interviews with historical characters.
  • A group of students collaborates on a video orientation on the school's library; another group shares highlights and lessons learned during a science field trip.
  • Teachers record and edit short, compelling video clips for their lesson plans, allowing students.

Media History Digital Library
The Media History Digital Library is a collection of resources providing online access to the history of movies, broadcasting, and sound recording. The Magazine Collections currently have over 800,000 scanned pages with more pages being added frequently.