Finch Flyer

A weekly email that says, What's up Finches?

Count Your Blessing

As we start up in the season of lent. I would like to challenge you to focus on telling God what you are thankful for. Even if it's something small like cheese, or something big like a person in your life, it is good and right to tell God what we are grateful for.


We will be having crafts and snacks on March 4th from 7:00-8:30pm followed by going to the All Sons and Daughters concert during time out. Come hang out with us and make a cool craft!

All Snacks and Crafts Before All Sons and Daughters

Wednesday, March 4th, 7pm

Finch Hall Lower Lounge

Victory - Hillsong College

Housing is Upon Us!

The housing application is opening on March 5th. So be thinking about who you would like to room with and make sure you fill out your application. You do live with the Housing Director (Molly) so if you have questions...ask!

Clean up after yourselves!

So lately there have been some dishes in the Kitchen that have been sitting in the sink for over a week before being cleaned. If you cook in the kitchen clean up everything you used.

Also, there are two fish tanks sitting in the courtyard that have been out there for quite some time. If these are not claimed and taken out of the courtyard by Friday they will be donated to Goodwill.