Leif Eriksson

By:Noelle S

Leif Eriksson vs. Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was the first person to reach North America some say. But some people also think that the first person to reach North America was Leif Eriksson. Leif Eriksson was a viking who lived around the time 1000 AD! Some say Christopher was the first to reach North America, but some think that is not true, because of things they found called sagas. Sagas are old stories they made long ago. So, with this evidence some said Leif was the first person to reach North America.

Discoveries as an Explorer

As an explorer Leif Eriksson made many discoveries. One of the discoveries he made was that he found Vinland, he found Vinland, a region in North America.Did you know he called it Vinland because, he saw a lot of grapes there?Well, it's true. And, only at age 25 he set sail with 30 men to find land! Leif Erickson also saved 15 people in a shipwreck! And when he sailed to Norway he was converted to Christianity by King Olaf. So, Leif Erickson was a great explorer.

Transportation Through The Years

When Leif Eriksson was sailing the boats were way different than it is now, because when Leif Ericsson was sailing they did not have compasses, or boats. They had viking ships, which were smaller than the boats they have today. And, they did not have a compass, like later explorers had. And lastly, they did not have maps, like the later sailors did. So, that really shows how transportation changed through the years.

Different Boats

Viking Boat:

Different Boats Part 2

Current Boat:

Leif Eriksson - The First European in North America