Florence Nightingale

By: Maryam Hafeez

Early Life

Florence Nightingale was born on May 21, 1820. Her mother named her after the city she was born in, Florence Italy.
(Rare!) Voice of Florence Nightingale (1890)

A defiant pesonality

In those days girls from upper class families were expected to marry. However Florence Nightingale wanted to become a nurse. Her family didn't want her to become a nurse. It would bring great shame upon her family. Nurses in those days were usually old women who knew nothing at all about nursing. Florence Nightingale knew it would be tough to fight her family but finally her family gave in. She went to Germany for 2 weeks to study.
Who was Florence Nightingale?

Her Breakthrough Work

Florence Nightingale worked really hard. She often collapsed with a fever because she was overworking herself. She did this all her life.

The Crimean War

In 1853 England, France, Sardina, and The Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia. The war was from 1853-1856. Many soliders died of infections rather than wounds

Fame and Recognition

Florence's Friend Sidney Herbert was a war governer. At that time the hospitals were in bad conditions. Many soldiers came out sicker than they were when they went in. Herbert was a friend of Florence and knew about her skills. He made her the head nurse. Florence chose a team of nurses to go with her. She helped improve the hospitals. Her work made her famous. But Florence didn't like being famous. She called it fuzbuz about her name. Because of that she called herself Miss Smith in the public.

Late Years

After the war Florence opened up her school for nursing and a hospital which were run by money from her father and others. She earned many awards including The Ordor Of Merit, a brooch from Queen Victoria, and a visit to the Royal Castle. She moved to a quiet hotel in the company of her cats. If anyone wanted to talk to her they had to make an appoinment.


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