Here Come the Vikings!

Viking Long Ships

Where they were from

The Vikings first sailed from three countries in Scandinavia, which were Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The boats they built could take them as far as Central Asia but they liked sailing around Europe the most. Vikings preferred to travel on rivers and smaller bodies of waters but heir ships were built well enough for the rough seas. They sailed to Britain and Ireland a lot for raids for silver.

Types of long boats

Their ships were the most important type of transport for them. They were built for raiding and war. The Vikings also built other smaller, slower ships called Knorr’s these were only for short trips and fishing. Knorr’s were merchant’s boats; they were built only for merchants. The long ship was the best-designed boat up to that time it was designed for rough seas and bad weather and would not fall apart. It was said to be the greatest achievement of the European dark ages. They needed strong boats for the types of conditions they were sailing through and for the wars and raids they needed strong boats that's why they were first built. They also built Cargo Ships, which they used to carry trade goods, they were wider and slower.

How long boats were made

Viking long boats were made with freshly cut, green oak planks that made the wood easier to bend, which was for the hull, curved branches and roots for the curved sections of the boats and was waterproofed with wool soaked in tree sap. The hull is held together with iron rivets, which helps it be strong and flexible. The long boats had a large, square sail and, if there was no wind, there were usually oars in the long boats. At the head of the boat, they usually mounted a dragon or serpents head to scare off sea monsters and evil spirits. When they came to land, it was taken off, so they wouldn’t scare friendly land spirits.

Who made the long boats

Viking long boats were made by the healthy men in the village (i.e. not the elderly).


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