Analyzing Viola

By Myaa Jones

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Viola's Identity

Viola from the movie "She's the Man" sees herself as driven/determined. In She's the Man, the girl's soccer team was cut so Viola attempted to join the boy's team. In result of her being rejected, she came up with a plan (She's the Man). Her plan was to act as her brother to beat her school's team which she succeeded in doing.

Viola's Gender

When Viola is herself; a female and when she is acting as her brother, she faces limitations. Being a girl, she can't play on the boy's soccer team for her school. Her mother also wants her to be a debutante although she doesn't like being girly because she is a tomboy. Acting as Sebastian; a male, she gets to know Orsino and starts liking him. Because Orsino thinks she is a boy, they can't be together unless she's a girl. This she tries by switching back and forth between Viola and Sebastian, doing things like giving Orsino advice on Viola so that he'll like her. For example in She's the Man, when they were at the carnival, viola goes in and out the port-a-potty to change from Sebastian and herself so that she could be with Orsino and her mom (She's the Man).

Perception of Viola

Throughout the movie, the characters perception of Viola changes. In the beginning of the movie Orsino, Andrew, and Toby thought of Viola as weird acting but as time went on, they thought of her (Sebastian) as "the man" when she had proven herself to them. In one of the scenes from She's the Man, when they were going to get pizza and Toby, Orsino, and Andrew saw Sebastian, they didn't want him to sit with them. Viola (Sebastian) had a few girls come in and act as if they liked him (She's the Man). This showed that Sebastian was a ladies man which made the boys and the rest of the school like and respect him. Towards the end, Orsino thought of Viola as manipulative because he felt like she was using him to learn tricks for soccer and to get closer to Olivia when really it was not her intention.

Similarites and Differences

Viola from the movie and I have a few similarities and differences. Determination is something we have in common. When I really want something, I go all out and will do anything to get it, just like she did with soccer. We are both manipulators. Although, Viola is a tomboy and I am not. I am the ultimate girly girl, I love dresses, makeup, and I hate sports. Also she has a brother and I do not which is also another difference between us.

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(Twelfth Night) Viola's Identity

In the play Viola thinks she will be able to deceive the people of Orsino's court. She is attempting to conceal herself as another person so she can get her way. In some scenes Viola is very giving towards people that help her. In the play it quotes," For saying so, there's gold" (I.ii.16). In this part of the play, she tried to give the captain who agreed to help her, money because she was so grateful.

(Twelfth Night) Viola's Gender

In order to be in Illyria, Viola disguises herself as a eunuch. She conceals herself to get away from the world until she gets herself together after the tragic shipwreck. She starts working for Orsino and he has her try to get Olivia to like him. As time goes on Viola begins to like Orsino but cannot be with him because he sees her as Cesario (a man). With her being Orsino's messenger, she has to go back and forth to Olivia. In the text Orsino states, "O, then unfold the passion of my love, surprise her with discourse of my dear faith; it shall become thee well to act my woes; she will attend it better in thy youth than in a nuncio's of more grave aspect" (I.iv.23-27).

(Twelfth Night) Perception of Viola

In the play, Orsino's perception of Viola changes throughout. When Viola was known as Cesario, Orsino only saw her as a loyal friend. She was Orsino's messenger and he didn't think much of her because he was so focused on getting Olivia. Towards the end when Viola revealed to everyone that she is actually a girl that posed as a male, Orsino saw this as his chance at being in love since he couldn't have Olivia. In the text Orsino states, "If this be so, as yet the glass seems true, I shall have share in this most happy wreck, (to Viola) boy, though hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love woman like to me" (V.I. 256-259).

(Twelfth Night) Similarites & Differences

Viola from "Twelfth Night" and I have a few things in common. We both will deceive/manipulate others to get what we want. We also are both giving. I love returning the favor to others, especially if they deserve it. Although we have differences as well. Viola has a brother and I do not.