School Dress Code

Is it that necessary?

What's the point really?

What is the point of school dress code? Why have it? Why does it matter if you can see my shoulder? It's not like a boy is gonna see it and think "wow, that's a nice shoulder" No they won't. And what's the point of it if kids are just gonna not follow it anyways? No matter hard hard you try they still wear what they want! So what's the point of it?

It's over dramatic!

It really is! Why can't we wear flip flops? How is someone gonna get hurt in flip flops? I mean why not let us wear what we want? Clothes is one of the ways us kids express ourselves! And show our imagination! Why are you taking that away from us!!!? Let us show who we are!! Let us shows the kind of person we are!

Not all of it just some of it

I think you shouldn't get rid of all of it. Just some of it. For example no chains we can keep because that can be a real danger to students. But no shoulders isn't! What's gonna happen? It's not like someone will hurt another person with their shoulder! And no tank tops!? Why not, we're still wearing something. The whole dress code is not all a mistake but some of it is just plain dumb! Just hear us out!