A Constant Battle

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my hero

Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, there is never a time in which one person can show no ties to another. At birth, you are a given a mother, a father, a grandmother, grandfather, maybe a brother or sister or aunt or uncle, but as life goes on it becomes necessary to form new bonds ourselves, a friend, a teacher, an enemy. Most often, to learn, and to love, and to teach, and to hate, you must develop these ties with a numerous amount of people. Thus, I know it is a gift, truly, that I have been given one with whom I am able to feel all. My brother is my friend, and my teacher, and my enemy, and sometimes I teach him, occasionally I hate him, often I learn from him, and always, I love him.
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One of my favorites, a slower Garcia song

Listen especially from 3:15 through 4:00. This is one of the improvisational sections as for mentioned.

Another great one

Definitely a longer song and a little more upbeat.

Perhaps the quintessential Grateful Dead song

At 31 minutes, this is definitely one of their longer "jams".

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Garcia's legendary handprint

Garcia's handprint, which shows his middle finger on his right hand to be not much more than a nub, became a highly known symbol of both himself and the band. The story, however, is not as well known. When Jerry was a kid, his brother, Tiff, accidentally chopped it off with an axe. Not only is Garcia one of the greatest guitarists of all time, but he's a four-fingered one too.

A Hero in Song

There is this electricity in the air, fifty thousand people gathered together for some reason or another, to find answers in music where words had come superfluous, to experience a godly freedom as a song swallows up all troubles, even for just a minute or two, or to feel something sane in the world of insanity. Fifty thousand people who could not be further from the same becoming a part of something bigger, linked by their everlasting crave to feel whatever it is the music ignites within them...

Hero: undefined

As a child, the image of a hero is fantastical, an idea of some supernatural figure with the sole purpose of fighting evil, saving the world. But with age comes a new knowledge: there is no longer just good and bad, white and black, but a mystifying in-between, and our previous definition fails us. So a hero becomes some notable individual who performed some distinguished-citizen act good enough to outweigh the bad. Yet later on, in adulthood, it is believed to be their responsibility to define the term for the next generation as the previous one did for them. Each adult trying to develop a set list of traits a hero would possess, bravery, intelligence, courage, selflessness... never getting the definition just right. Their fault lies in the attempt. The sheer idea a hero could ever be defined is ludicrous...

The flaw in feminism is "feminism" itself

Today, a topic stands that has received more attention than nearly any other: inequality. Whether by race, by sexual orientation, or by gender, it always seems there is a minority and someone fighting for it. The effectiveness of the fight is key. Where some are respected, MLK Jr. and his march for civil rights, the annual gay pride parade, others are looked down upon, laughed at. Others being feminism. Despite working for a just as prevalent issue, feminists are not much more than a laughing stock. The reason being the movement's inadequate title, allowing feminism to be both practiced and interpreted not with a goal of equality but with a goal of matriarchy.
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