March 19th NGSS Teacher PD - At SD

The ins and outs of the Next Generation Science Standards

Flipped Classroom Model - please have completed prior to March 11th

Flipped PD

Please have completed by Wednesday, March 11th, prior to the PD:

1. Go to the NSTA web archives page on NGSS and click on the webinar for your grade level – Kinder – grade 5 (6th grade teachers and Elective teachers can view one of the crosscutting webinars that is pertinent to a 6th grade standard, or they can view the Science and Engineering practices webinar.) All webinars are approximately 60 minutes each.

You may have to create your own log in which entitles you to a free account and gives you access to approximately 60% of what is available to you through NSTA. You also may have to download a newer version of Java to your computer which may take 5-10 minutes. Then go to the following site:

Be sure to bring your computer to the PD. If you have any iPads in your classroom, please bring one as well as your smart phones.

Extra resources

There are also other resources that the NSTA provides you. Feel free to check them out:

1. Go to the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) website and check out these free resources:


2. Check out the NSTA Elementary page:


To view the presentation slides from the web seminar and related resources, visit the resource collection. Continue discussing this topic in the community forums.

Be sure to check out the NGSS website as well:

More grade level lesson plan Resources: cut and paste this into your browser:


Check out these books – click on them to see more resources