Joel Joffe


Conductor - A material that electric currents can easily move through such as metals

Semiconductor - substances that has more resistance than insulator but less than a conductor

Insulator - a material that electric current cannot move easily through such as air, plastic, glass, and rubber.

Comparing and Contrasting

Conductor and Semiconductor are similar and different. The similar factor is that they have more resistance than an insulator but a semiconductor has less resistance than a conductor.

A semiconductor has more resistance than an insulator. But an insulator doesn't let electric currents move really easily.

A conductor and an insulator aren't the same in anyways. A conductor lets the currents move easily but an insulator doesn't let them move so easily.

Examples and Daily life Examples.

Conductor - When you turn on the lights the conductor lets the electric currents move easily and then the lights turn on faster.

Semiconductor - In the construction area of work, the the main worker turned on the tractor, well the tractor did not turn on just then but it took a second or two.

Insulator - When you turn on your lights, it takes minutes or hours to turn on because the insulator doesn't let the electrical currents move easily.