Patriot Post 08.02.2021

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In this week's edition...

  • Message from Mrs. Bishop
  • Calendar
  • What to expect for the 2021-22 School Year- Updated!
  • Bus and Transportation Info!- New!
  • Enrollment info for new students- tell your neighbors!
  • Who is my teacher?????
  • Registration Forms to be completed before school starts- all students, returning and new!
  • Meet the Teacher Event!
  • Parent Information Meeting Nights
  • Plano ISD Back to School Event
  • What's for lunch?
  • PTA Updates

Message from Mrs. Bishop

Hi, Shepard Families!

I want to keep you updated as we move into the school year. I have updated our FAQ below to reflect new information as the year begins.

I have created this single document to contain all the needed back to school information and links for you. A few things will be new, but this also bumps all our procedures to the top of your inbox.

Don't forget our Parent Information Meeting Nights! We will have two sessions for each grade level each night to make things a little easier on parents. You are welcome to bring your children, but they will need to remain with you during the meeting.

August 9 at 5:30 and 6:30 pm

Kindergarten- Cafeteria

1st Grade- Gym

August 12 at 5:30 and 6:30

2nd Grade- Library

3rd Grade- Flex Room

4th Grade- Gym

5th Grade- Cafeteria


Kristin Bishop

Shepard Elementary Principal


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Calendar of Upcoming Events


26 and 27| New Student Enrollment begins

Enrollment continues after this date as needed


4| All Teachers and Staff Return to Campus

9| Kindergarten and 1st Grade Parent Information Night- Two sessions- 5:30 and 6:30

see details below

10| Meet Your Teacher Event! 8-9 am- see details below

11| Students' First Day of School

12| 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades Parent Information Night- Two sessions 5:30 and 6:30

see details below


6| Labor Day/ Student and Staff Holiday- No School

7| Student Holiday- No School

23| School Picture Day


11| Student and Staff Holiday- No School

12| Parent Teacher Conference Day/Student Holiday- No School

13| Student Picture Retake Day

20-22| 5th Grade Goes to Collin County Adventure Camp

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What should I expect at Shepard Elementary this year?

Q: Will my child have to drag their chromebook home every day?

A: No. Chromebooks will only be sent home with students when they have work to finish that requires the Chromebook. Each child will still have an assigned Chromebook for when they are at school. Teachers will maintain their Google classrooms.

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask to school?

A: Masks will be optional for all students, staff and visitors, but they are strongly encouraged.

Q: Can the children drink out of the drinking fountains this year?

A: The drinking fountains will be available to the students this year, but we ask that you still send a reusable water bottle to school with your child. Why? Because elementary school children are not very good at drinking out of the fountains, and it is very easy for any and all germs (not just Covid-19) to spread via the drinking fountain. You can help avoid the spread of the gross tummy viruses, common colds, strep, and other infectious diseases by encouraging your child to use their water bottle instead of the drinking fountain. Mrs. Bishop has been in education for 26 years and has never taken a drink from one of those fountains. And she never will.

Q: Wait! You said visitors! Are visitors allowed to come to school?

A: Yes, you will be allowed to walk your children to class on Wednesday, August 11, the first day of school without checking in at the front office. After that day, children will walk to class independently with the assistance of support staff in the hallways.

Q: How do I know the visitors to the school are "safe" people?

A: Plano ISD Visitor guidelines can be found here:

Q: Can I come to school and volunteer?

A: Our librarian and teachers will be arranging for parent volunteers on campus. Please check your grade level communication from the teachers for information about volunteering. All volunteers must have a background check completed- please go here to fill out the volunteer application:

Q: Can I come to school and and have lunch with my child?

A: The short answer is yes, but the staff and I would greatly appreciate it if you would not come to school for lunch with your child during the first two weeks of school. This is the time the teachers need to establish boundaries and procedures in the cafeteria, especially since we did not use the cafeteria last year. After that, we would appreciate if you would visit once per semester for lunch. Lunch is your child's social time to make friends outside of the classroom without the activity and noise of recess. In addition, we have limited space and seating on the Patriot Patio and once it is full, it is full.

Q: My child forgot his lunch/jacket/binder/chromebook at home. Can I drop it off for them?

A: Yes! During the pandemic, we set up a system of baskets in the Shepard foyer where parents can drop off late or forgotten items. This will continue to work well for us now that we are returning to "normal." Please label the items with your child's name and grade level. We'll have some post it notes in the foyer that you can use to label. This cuts down on traffic in the Shepard front office and saves you valuable time!

Q: I have SO MANY QUESTIONS! Who do I ask?

A: We've got you covered! Until your child is assigned a classroom teacher, you can reach out to the following office staff with questions. Email is best right now since we are not in our offices due to construction, but if you leave us a voicemail, we'll call you as soon as we can.

Kristin Bishop, Principal


Stephanie Hanson, Secretary and Enrollment Queen


Delia "Dee" Garza, Office Manager


Erin Christenson, Counselor (After July 28)


Christina "Chrissy" Ferenschuetz, Instructional Specialist and 504 Coordinator (After Aug 4)


Q: Oh no! Mrs. Bishop didn't list Mrs. Forisha as someone who can help! Are we getting a new assistant principal?

A: NO! Our wonderful assistant principal, Kate Forisha, is at home recovering from a little foot surgery She will return later this semester.

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Enrollment for Students NEW TO Plano ISD

Do you have a neighbor who just moved in to the Shepard Elementary School zone? Please send them the link for our newsletter so they can be in the know! If they need to enroll for any grade Pre-K to 12th grade in Plano ISD, everything they need to know and DO is on our new enrollment website. All enrollment is now online for your convenience.

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Who is my child's teacher?

It's still a secret! Why? As enrollment takes place at the end of July and beginning of August, grade level and classroom numbers can shift. However, we will have everything finalized by the morning of August 9. On the morning of August 9, your child's teacher's name will appear in the Plano ISD Parent Portal under your child's schedule IF you have completed all the beginning of year registration forms on Parent Portal. Those directions are in the next section!
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Registration Forms to be completed before school starts for returning AND new students

Our Plano ISD Parent Portal gives all parents access to their child's registration, contact, and permissions information in addition to the child's attendance and grades. Parents in Plano ISD fill out this set of registration forms annually. We are so glad that access to all of this registration process is online.

This paperwork portal opened on July 21, 2021. Information on how to access your PISD Parent Portal, as well as a list of required forms, can be found here:

All registration forms must be completed in PISD Parent Portal in order to see your child's teacher's name on August 9.

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Shepard Elementary Meet the Teacher Event

Tuesday, Aug. 10th, 8-9am

1000 Wilson Drive

Plano, TX

The Shepard Elementary Meet the Teacher Event is an annual opportunity for children and parents to visit their new classroom and new teacher prior to school starting.The front, side and back doors to the school will open at 8 am to welcome you! Feel free to arrive any time between 8 AM and 8:45 AM, but the event will end at 9:00 AM and all visitors and students will need to exit the building by that time. Think of it as a "Come and Go" event.

During our Meet the Teacher Event, you'll have a few minutes to visit with the teacher and to see your desk and space! Our Specials Teachers and Campus Specialists will also be here to say hello! Your family can drop off school supplies in your classroom, sign up to join our PTA, and purchase Shepard spirit shirts.

If you ordered school supplies ahead of time from the PTA, those supplies will be delivered to the classroom for you. PTA will not be selling school supply packets during the event.

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School Supply Lists!

Please visit the Shepard Elementary webpage here to view and print your child's School Supply List:
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Parent Information Meeting Nights

As a parent, you will have an opportunity to attend a face to face Parent Information Night Meeting where the teachers share information about procedures and processes in your child's grade level. If you cannot attend, the teachers will make all information available virtually.

This year, each grade level will offer two information sessions in the same evening to allow parents to enjoy a smaller meeting group as well as attend meetings for more than one child. Please note the dates and times as Kindergarten and 1st Grade teachers will host their information meetings BEFORE school actually starts.

Monday, August 9

Teachers will present at 5:30 and again at 6:30- parents only need to attend one session.

Kindergarten will meet in the Cafeteria.

1st Grade will meet in the Gym.

Thursday, August 12- Cafeteria

Teachers will present at 5:30 and again at 6:30- parents only need to attend one session.

2nd Grade will meet in the Library.

3rd Grade will meet in our campus Flex Room.

4th Grade will meet in the Gym.

5th Grade will meet in the Cafeteria.

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School Lunch Menus

Click here to see the School Lunch and Breakfast Menus for 2021-22:
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Student Insurance Available

The 2021-22 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance coverage is available for PISD parents to purchase through AXIS Insurance Company using the Enrollment Form included on page 4 of the attached. Please share this information with parents and staff at your location. These forms are also available on the Student Insurance webpage at

Parents can access the following on the above webpage:

· Coverage and premium options (premiums stated are a one-time annual payment)

· Enrollment Form

· Claim Form and instructions for filing a claim

For additional information, parents may contact Combined Benefits Group at 800-749-6458.

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