Online Writing Classes

Take the misery out of writing!

Start Your Student on the Road to Better Writing

Don't have time to teach writing? Don't feel like you are able? At Writing Essentials your student can learn how to quickly and effectively improve writing skills with minimal (no) pain!

Weekly Instruction for the 2017-18 School Year

Online Classes meet starting September 6, 2017. Students will learn the structure and style of writing using the acclaimed IEW Writing curriculum, as well as some basic grammar.

Classes are live, and students will get feedback each week on completed assignments.

Classes Offered:

Approved Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain, South Sutter, and Sage Oak Charter Schools Vendor

How do I enroll?
To enroll in a Writing Essentials Online Class, Register here. After registering, request a PO from your ES. Class fees and PO instructions are explained on the website.

What are the technical requirements?
A computer, printer, and scanner, a STRONG internet connection, and a shared Dropbox account (free).

How will assignments be turned in?
All assignments will be sent to the instructor in pdf format to Dropbox. Graded papers will be returned the same way.

How much parental involvement can I expect?
My role is to instruct, assign, and grade; the parent role is that of an editor. You will need to proofread your student's papers, looking for glaring spelling and grammar problems. These should be fixed prior to being turned in. Also, the parent will be making sure that all of the required elements of the assignment have been included. Parents are welcome and encouraged to "attend" class.