Endangered Species-

Cody Masters

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The Amur Leopard-

This leopard is a sub species of the leopard, and is found in temperate forests of Asia Russia. This beautiful animal is critically endangered, and needs help. They are being poached illegally for their lush fur. This fur is then being sold for up to 1,000 dollars. There are teams part of the natural reserve, helping to put a stop to this diminishment of the remarkable species. With the extinction of this leopard on the brink. It will lead to a huge rise of its prey, deer and hare. Which will create a flaw in the food chain, as prey and predator relationship is crucial.

Desert Yellowhead-

This endangered plant is of the genus, Yermo. It lives on the western area of the United States, in tundra climate. Stands a foot tall, and usually contains around 4-6 yellow petals. Human activity on the land has created scarcity of the plant. As well as mining for radioactive minerals on the plants land, has created near extinction. With the scarcity of this, it has hare and ground squirrels suffering with their lack of food. Once again the diminishment of the Desert Yellowhead, the food chain without their producer will suffer.
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