April Fool´s Day

Be the trolled, or be the troller

Day of create

This day was created in the 16th century in France. It was celebrated because the calendars changed and ten days disappeared from the year 1582.The April Fools' Day also known as fish April (literal translation of the French Poissons d' avril or pesce d' aprile Italian ) , is a festival dedicated to jokes , like the day of the Holy Innocents . It is held in France , Finland, Australia , Germany , Italy, Belgium, UK
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Some ways to troll a friend in April Fool´s Day

  • Put rotten milk in the coffee of your friend
  • Put sticky tape in the eyes of a person and thikg that he or she is blind
  • Put a sticker on the back of a person
  • You can say to your mother that your father is dead and then say the true
  • Can with cofetti inside
  • Shake a can of soda and when a person opens, it explodes
  • Ink on spy glass
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this is a video of one way to scare a person