What's new in Catlin's library?

Check out our new digital Lightbox non-fiction books!

New, Interactive e-Books in Catlin's Library!

Check out our new collection of e-books that are great for Smartboard or individual student use! You can check out these books and use your Smartboard, have your entire class on laptops/iPads follow along, or assign it to a small group!

What are Lightbox books?

Lightbox™ is a multimedia educational space that encourages students to see learning in a whole new light. With Lightbox, students receive a true multimedia learning experience that incorporates audio, video, interactive activities, and much more across a variety of professionally developed curriculum.

Designed to inspire contemporary students, Lightbox incorporates videos, Google Maps, worksheets, audio, quizzes, and other exciting interactive features.

What interactive features do these digital books offer?

From the moment a student opens Lightbox, learning happens like never before. Interactive elements in Lightbox include:

  • Audio: High-quality narration using an advanced text-to-speech system that ensures all students can understand
  • Video: Embedded high-definition video clips that make learning come alive
  • Activities: Printable PDFs that can be emailed and graded, ideal for assessing student progress
  • Weblinks: Carefully curated links to external, child-safe resources to enhance learning
  • Slideshows: Pictorial overviews of key concepts to engage and inspire visual learners
  • Google Maps: Interactive maps and satellite imagery that provide context
  • Quizzes: Multiple choice assessments that are automatically graded and emailed for teacher review
  • Key Words: Highlighted important terms matched with their definitions to enhance vocabulary and understanding

How do I access Catlin's e-books?

Staff and students may check out e-books. You must go to Follett Shelf. Once there, books that have the green infinity symbol indicate books that have unlimited check out. That means your entire class can check the book out at once. Without the symbol, the book is a single-user checkout. All Lightbox books have unlimited check out.

Via Webpage:

1. Go to www.catlin.ops.org

2. Select "Library"

3. On the right hand side, under "Links", select "Follett Shelf- Lightbox"

4. Explore your titles.


1. Go to www.openlightbox.com

2. Enter the book's unique code found on page 2 of each book.

Via App:

1. Download from your favorite App store:

Follett Shelf BryteWave K-12 Edition

2. Enter Your Follett collection: wbb18477.follettshelf.com

It asks for my Username and Password?

For Staff:

Username -It is your staff ID number with no zero at the front.

Password- ops

For Students:

Username - It is their student ID number.

Password - ops

Are all e-book titles in Follett Shelf interactive?

No. Only the following titles are Lightbox. These are the books that have all the cool features mentioned above:

1. Omnivores: Nature's Food Chain

2. Producers: Nature's Food Chain

3. Herbivores: Nature's Food Chain

4. Carnivores: Nature's Food Chain

5. Decomposers: Nature Food Chain

6. Sedimentary Rocks: Rock Science

7. Metaphoric Rocks: Rock Science

8. Igneous Rocks: Rock Science

9. Avalanches: Forces of Nature

10. Landslides: Forces of Nature

11. Water Pollution: Earth's Water

12. Precipitation: Earth's Water

13. The Water Cycle: Earth's Water

14. Glacier's: Earth's Water

15. Water Power: Earth's Water

16. Independence Day: American Holidays

17. Veterans Day: American Holidays

18. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: American Holidays

19. Statue of Liberty: Symbols of America

20. Bald Eagle: Symbols of America

Are there phsyical copies of the Brightbox books?

Yes! We have a physical copy of each the twenty titles mentioned above available for check out in Catlin's library.