Come To My Biome !

Where You Feel Good In A Flash !

What Is My Biome ?

My Biome Is A Desert , Not Only Is it Great Because Of The Weather Is Always Hot And Quiet But We Have A lot of Things To Come With It Like Pools , Spas , Mud Baths , Good Food , Sports , Everything You May Need To Have A Good Time , Even If You Come Her By Yourself . You Will Be Calm At The Pool And Go To The Spa While Your Children Are Playing Games.

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About The Desert !

What Is The Climate Of The Biome ?

100 Degrees / Hot And Dry

Average Tempature ?

100 Degrees

Amount Of Rainfall ?

10 Inches Of Rain Per Year

What Kind Of Plants Can You Find In The Desert ?


What Special Adaptions Do These Plants Have ?

They Can Store Water Inside Of Themselves

What Kinds Of Animals Can You Find In The Desert ?

Birds , And Kangaroos

What Specials Adaptions To These Animals Have ?

The Bird Can Fly , And The Kangaroos Are Fast And Can Jump High

What Kinds Of Activities Can You Do In The Dessert ?

You Can Swim , Mud Baths ( Clean Mud ) , Play Games , And There Is A Lot More Things !

Desert Animals

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