Being Strong

By Bhumika Dutta


Everyday, people like us face adversities and have to overcome them. We have to learn to be resilient and try another path. People like Noah Galloway, Maury Wills, Jackie Robinson, and more have overcome their struggles and obstacles. Perseverance means steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Noah Galloway

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Jim Valvano

Jim was a basketball coach. He was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. He only had one year to live. Jim decided to use all the time he had. He gave many motivating speeches around the country. Also, he gave a speech where he informed everyone that he was starting a cancer research. It is called The V Foundation for Cancer Research. Jim said that he wanted to help others recover from cancer. He persevered by trying to help others.
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Maury Wills and Jackie Robinson

Maury Wills:

  • was rejected to move into major league
  • was in minor league for 8.5 years
Jackie Robinson:

  • stood up for black people
  • first black person to play in major league

  • both fought for their rights
  • both worked hard to play in major league


Maury Willis- Preparing to Win

Jimmy Valvano-

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