Max Langenfeld

Things About Barley

-Grown in wet or dry conditions

-Typically northern states, and Canada

-Weevils, Moths, Borers are the main types of pests/ controlled by pesticides mainly

-Short seasoned crop

-Huge roll in alcoholic beverage industry

-Grain products (cereal)

5 uses

alcoholic beverages


skin treatment



fact, breweries prefer 2 row over 6 row

-Both are harvested the same(combine) /typically used differently

-2 or 6 row barley

Comparative Analytical DataTwo-RowSix-Row

Extract (% dry basis)81.079.0

Total protein (% dry basis) 11.5 12.5

Soluble protein (% of the malt, dry basis) 5.05.5

Soluble total protein (%)43.5 44.0

Diastatic power (Lintner)120 160

a-amylase (dextrinizing units) 5045

Wort viscosity (cP) 1.5 1.5

Wort B-glucan (ppm)110140

Wort color (SRM)

1.5 1.5