The Superintendent's Report

Ms. Lillian Shelton, Interim Superintendent

Welcome to February!!!!!

As we complete benchmark testing, we are seeing positive learning outcomes for students.

The reality is that none of us could even fathom or consider the impact on our daily lives in a global pandemic.

As we work with families throughout our district, please know that we are here for you. We know things are not the same as they were.

Honestly, they may never be the same and that's okay. For some of our students, the old way did not work.

There are advantages to our virtual learning platform and we are doing our best to manage it in phases instead of all at one time.

Let me reassure you, we will do what we can to positively impact our students' educational opportunities, career options, and vocational possibilities.


Ms. Lillian Shelton

Interim Superintendent

The Pulse of Academics

Our philosophy is simple.

Students come to learn.

All students can learn.

Students learn differently from one another.

We will teach all students in a manner that will use multiple modalities to encourage learning and and academic growth.

Benchmark Testing

Stigall Primary School has completed their AIMSWeb testing.

East Elementary School and Humboldt Junior & Senior High will complete testing students this week.

In this testing cycle, we discovered that AIMSWeb has online testing opportunities for virtual students.

We are using these formative assessment testing cycles to help us plan our TCAP/TNReady testing schedule.

In the few weeks, Ms. Shelton and the district office will roll out a plan to slow down the potential for learning loss over the summer with a 4 to 6 week summer school plan.

If you need assistance, please contact Dr. Renette Coleman at

Resources for Parents


When will my child get a computer? As of right now, the devices are coming in weekly however not enough for mass pick up.

Laptops must be inventoried, and loaded with the appropriate software, then laptops are issued first come, first served.

Student Support

For any parents or students who needs support regarding Technology, please contact Ms. Heather Taylor at

For any other student support related issue, please contact Mrs. Elvie Patterson at

Resources for the Community About Humboldt City Schools

For the state of Tennessee, volunteerism is part of the history and part of our culture. In the city of Humboldt, volunteerism is no different. Our students succeed because their parents and community members are involved.

Volunteerism is a powerful form of supportive expression within any community. It crosses through the boundaries of racial, economic, and social lines. The contributions of volunteerism improves the quality of life in the way people within the community are governed and engaged in their community.

Our community can accomplish so much as we work to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, belonging, and empowerment.

The contributions of our volunteers in the school system are invaluable. Research has proven that volunteerism is a vital part of a whole equation for growth and achievement.

As we are almost a year into the COVID pandemic, volunteerism is still needed and still can be done, safely for students and our volunteers. Using technology, students can be read to and read to someone. Students can benefit from the knowledge of a mentor or tutor throughout the school year.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please reach out to George Yarbro at

Humboldt City Schools

Thank you for your support. We are striving daily to provide learning opportunities for every student who attends Humboldt City School.