The Poems of Life

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Blank Verse, Limerick, Haiku, Free Verse, Cinquain


The jumping animal

I saw jump back to the water

Was a flying fish


I saw an old women who went by the name of kee

She was really annoyed with a bee

When she said, "I need something to catch it."

The told her snatch it!!

They then saw his hand puff.


Fish their

On water

By the bait

One just about bit

He hooked

Free verse

When I heard the unicorn

I had they were hear

When I took the pictures they heard the click and flew off

When I was walking back I was attacked by angry mobs of unicorns

Trapped like little flowers

How soon I lay there in a hospital with broken bones

I soon die their dreaming about unicorns

Then to travel to heaven to ride majestically unicorns

And venture back down as an angel to watch the unicorns

Gallop in the fields.

Blank verse

The quality of life is created so easily

It started so long ago by one person

He gives us chances to live our lives

Picking how many chances we will have.

He picks when we die

How we die in our long fetched life

He knows when we die

His name is God

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This poem or Buncee is based on Harrison ford. The ideas put into this is trucks and Harrison ford.

More Poems

I wondered how fish eat.

What makes their teeth?

What do they eat?

I wonder if the grim reaper is nice?

Why would he be nice?

Where would he live?

I wonder who shot Fred.

Why did they shoot him?

Why did they want Fred's body?

I wonder when the sun dies.

Why would it die?

Would it die?

I wonder how we will live on Mars?

Will we need oxygen helmets?

Will their be houses?

I wish I dint catch a bird

A little turd

And a worm with a nerd

I wish they were dead

Before they lived.

I wish I had a dog

That barked

And a leash that made him

Walk far

To get him here

I wish that it rained cats and dogs

That landed soft on the street

They ate all the biscuits

And chased all the kitties

And I wish

They look so happy

That they would keep them

I wish I was fishing

In deep blue sea

Holding a unicorn

For good luck

I used to be and ape

Full of power and speed

And food that went home

But no I'm a fish

Full of food

They can pulls

I used know how to fly so

High but now I'm a fish cursed to the

Sea for all eternity

I used to be stupid

But now I'm smart

Smarter then the night

In will

I used to be a fat guy

Walking slower than any living thing

But know I'm skinny

Faster thAn the boltz

I used to fight

Beating anything in sight

But now I'm crippled

And all I do is sit

Carter kee

Sat on a tree

Trying to catch a fishy

He then caught fishy

Harrison Ford

Has a ford

And when a Chevy goes by


What a kid said during the game cowboy



What the slayer said when the kid saw his mother get killed

Your Next

Fishes goes home

New fishing

Lure creator

Easy to use

Many colors





Of different





Makes cool


Closes easily

With no