The New Italy

The Story of The Renaissance

What is new about the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a rebirth in art and culture. Ideas such as perspective came and a new look at Humanism. The Renaissance started in Italy. Many things were different politically also, like merchants were in the government and there was a new dictator out of the Medici family.

People during the Renaissance

Some of the best artists of all time were alive and thriving during the Renaissance like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Raphael. Da Vinci was known as a painter but he was an inventor also. He is a mystery because he unexplainably knew about the human body. Michaelangelo, known for the Statue of David and painting the Sistine Chapelwas a great artist who mastered perspective in his art. The less known Raphael was a great artist. He got his ideas and some skills from studying Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

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Impact on society


The society changed to a Classical Greece type era. This brought back Humanism and increased culture. The lifestyle was different like people focused on being the best person at their job. This created an upper class society. This era will later influence other societies.

Modern day

The majority of the impact on today comes through art. Artists today still use perspective in their pieces. The overall style of art has changed but the way they make their art remains the same. Also just like then, many people try to be the best in their respective fields of work. With this creates a better society like they had 500 years ago.