Adolf Hitler

Braden Burgan

Overview of Holocaust

Nazis murdered jews. The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate all of the jews. He wanted to rule the world. During his lifetime he was adored by thousands and feared by millions.

Definition/background Information

Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany. He turned the whole country of Germany into a war machine. He hated the Jews and would kill any Jew he could get in his hands. Dictatorship tended to depict him either as a savior or a madman.

Original Reasarch Question

What was most interesting about Adolf Hitler?

The thing that I found most interesting about Adolf Hitler was the things that he did to all the Jews. He told all of his German soldiers to be very brutal to all the Jews that they see.

what do you find most interesting in the Adolf Hitler book ?

The thing I find most interesting in the book is how much people feared him. About millions of Jews and non-Jews feared him.


"He alone who gains the truth, owns the future." - Adolf Hitler

"Although Hitler spent his seconf life in the public eye, he took great pains to hide his past." - Brenda Stalcup.


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