Tim Berners-Lee

Who is Tim Burners-Lee ?


What did Tim do to make him so famous? Well.... Tim created the world wide web. Tim was born on the 8th of June 1955.

If Tim didn't create the world wide web what would we do ! we wouldn't be able to do our homework ! or research things !

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Alan turning

who is Alan Turning? Alan Turning designed a code braker for German kippers in world war 2. He was born in 1912 he died 1954 by eating a apple that had poison in.

1st genoration computer

the first generation computer was really really really big , it was made in 1956. It is faster than our ones we have now and there was no mouse !! Infact it was just like a square box with a keyboard.

2nd genaration computers

second generation computers are so different to the ones we have now! they took place in 1956-1963. The second generation computer is much cheaper than what we have now , infact they were half the price they are now , the difference to the one we have now is that the second gen was much smaller !-

3rd genoration computers

the 3rd generation computer is much different to what we have now , the 3rd generation computer was created by Jack Kilby in Texas in 1958. The difference are that the 3rd gen is cheaper ,

4th genaration computer

This computer was made in 1971 , it is a lot faster than the one we have now. this generation was invented by microprocessor. Some examples of the 4th generation are Apple and IMB.

inputs and outputs

inputs are things that take things in like if you use a keyboard , the computer is taking the words in or the mouse , you click what you want and that sends a message in to the computer .


An output is when the computer signals it to do something like the projector and the camera , so when they want to do something on the projector you get it on the computer and it tells the projector .


CPU stands for Central processing unit , CPU is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic logical, control and input and out put.


A rom is a memory that cannot be changed by a program or a user. Rom retains its memory even when the computer is turned off. A ram is a fast type of memory in which programs, applications and data are stored.

Raspberry pi

Raspberry pie is card sized teachers use it to help in schools mainly in science because its easy to use. it plugs into a computer or a monitor. it costs £120 on amazon !!!

now that's expensive