Get ready, Something big is about happen


Droughts happen when there is not enough precipitation, precipitation is things that fall from the sky like; rain, snow, hail and sleet. When a drought is in progress, these things can happen: underground water dries up, so plants can die. There is not enough water so people get dehydrated, even if there is some perception, it will dry up very quickly, and the ground can also crack. If you get 15 days in a row with less than 0.01 inches of perception, a drought will happen! In 1907, china had one of the worst droughts in history! Killing 24 million people! (Estimate) scientists say the droughts can be predicted but not prevented.

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Deadly Devastation

All animals, humans and plants are affected by droughts. They will go without water, and end up dying. In a drought, a lot of things can happen. The ground can crack, humans, plants and animals can die (like I said earlier) it will get very hot! And you do not have that much water, or none! Surprisingly, droughts can last weeks, months, years! Or even decades! Droughts cost Americans 6 to 8 billion dollars a year!

Take notes, Safety plan!

In a drought, water is rare. Water is like gold in a drought! When a drought happens, get a lot of drinking water! That is the main thing for a safety plan. But there are others. Since droughts can be predicted, maybe go away. Also you could build a dam and you could store water. Some city’s recycle water, and reuse it! Also, some farmers have special sprinklers that save water!

Facinating Facts

Droughts are one of the most deadly disasters to happen! So there are a lot of facts on it:

-for 15 days in a row, if you get less than 00.1 inches of precipitation, get ready, a drought is about to happen!

-China had the worst drought, killing 24 million people! (Estimate)

-Winnipeg has never had a drought

-Africa has a lot of droughts

-Two thirds of USA has had a drought

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