Let us reform society into a better place.

Put an END to Slavery!

Follow William Lloyd Garrison in our fight to put an END to SLAVERY! They are humans as well with the right to do with their life as they see fit just like anyone else. We have caused them enough suffering by forcing and miss treating them for as long as we have. Its time to end this!

Woman have rights too!

Its time to let our voices be heard and to able to have an opinion in general. We are not toys and objects of pleasure! We are living breathing human beings just like men and we also have a mind of our own! Enough of being kept silent while we're humiliated and abused without the right to think of our happiness and what we truly consider would bring us happiness; Its time to stand up and be HEARD!

Temperance Reform. Band Alcohol from the U.S!

"Lips that touch alcohol will not touch lips of ours" Alcohol has brought nothing but bad things to happen to perfectly happy and healthy families. Let us BAND alcohol from this beautiful new country of ours before it has the time to destroy that as well!

Prison Reform!

There are crimes that committed not by men but the work of the devil; who has taken good men's brain and messed with them. Let us not punish them entirely like we would on a real criminal who really deserves it.

Education Reform!

Our country needs a future and education is the future. We need our children, our future generation to grow and expand their knowledge in order to advance and be prosperous!