by Adam and Taha


All phasmids are camouflaged and they look like sticks or autumn leaves. The females look like a stick and males look like leaves . All females grow up to 12cm in length and males are smaller.

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Phasmids live in places where the temperature is between 22-26 degrees. Almost all phasmids live in warm places and some live on the branches of Eucalyptus trees. Some phasmids live on Lord Howe Island.

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Lord Howe Island


Phasmids eat oak,bramble, apple and rose leaves and a few species eat grass.

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Breeding Habits

Phasmids lay their eggs from their tail.Females can lay up to about 400 eggs. The eggs can take between five months and three years to hatch.

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This is a baby phasmid.

Life of Insects - Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth - BBC

This is a video so you can learn more about phasmids. Please enjoy!