Lukas Pyle

The only presentation that's all about me!


I was born on February 23, 2003 at St. Johns hospital, Springfield Missouri. In youth, I was a very smart child, or so my parents say, and not many things challenged me. I took apart and rebuilt my old bike when I was six years old and ready for the world beyond that.

I go to school every day.

I have never been home-schooled and I went to Willard East for K-2nd grade, then to McBride for third and fourth grade, Wilson's Creek for fifth grade, and finally I am at Reed Academy for my sixth and now seventh grade.


I was born in February so, sometimes I got birthday presents that were my valentines presents or vice versa. My kindergarten years through my fourth grade years were pretty good, as in I didn't get in trouble very much or have any grudges against the teachers, but my fifth grade year was horrible. All the teachers were mean to me, but just neutral to everyone else. That's when I went to Reed and it was amazing here.
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Reed Academy is the best school I have ever gone to.

My goals...

My goals for later on in life is to get a doctorates degree in college, so I can hopefully find a job as a lawyer or maybe even a judge.


I have always wanted to learn many different languages, such as French (which is what I am taking now), Spanish, German, and Russian.

Thank You For Listening!