5 Mobile Apps For Learning

5 Apps to keep class current

My Math Flash Cards

An update to the classic math practice game, flash cards are now on smartphones! And the best part is that the app is free! Every student can access and take advantage of math flash cards designed for every grade level.

Grammar Jammers

A clever game that teaches students of all levels to learn grammar. The primary version is free which is great for accessibility!

Poll Everywhere

This app allows students to submit answers to questions posted by the teacher and can be a fun creative way to check for understanding, or determine a unanimous decision. Free to use!


An app designed as an E-reader just for kids. Complete with questions, learning activities and vocabulary this is a must have for 21st century K-3 classrooms.
Scholastic Storia App

Learn The World

Great app for a any social studies teacher keen on world geography! Students will learn world capitals, countries, and maps! Must own for 99 cents.
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