We Won't Give UP!

Persistence Pays OFF!

This week Nick commented, "We won't give up, We'll keep on trying." We discussed not giving up and working hard all the time, but this was a genuine comment from Nick in response to a "what if" question! I love that we have this attitude in our class!!! We are persistent and work hard to figure things out!!! We find out by looking things up! Scott knows you get rewarded for your hard work!!

It is our goal to work hard everyday!!


Our Fiction Reading!

This week we added a new fiction story to our assignments, the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. This is a story about a boy who helps to rescue owls!

Burrowing Owls

Cute and Interesting!

The story Hoot is about saving a group of owls. We learned this week that there are owls that live in burrows. This was interesting to learn. We learned about these owls by searchning for information on Google. We found information on Wikipedia. It was interesting to learn that they lived in the ground.

Interrupted Journey

This week we read a nonfiction story about a sea turtle that gets interrupted on its journey. He get frozen a beach and has to be rescued by a young boy!