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Acton Weekly Update 11/2/18

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule

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Coach's Corner

True teacher collaboration is extremely powerful. Educational Researcher John Hattie touches on this when describing the number one influence shown by research to have a positive effect on student learning, Collective Teacher Efficacy. Consider this statement:

The most important aspect of “collective efficacy” is making teachers believe: “I cause learning.” Collective efficacy is not about making teachers feel good about themselves, it is more complicated than just believing you can make a difference collectively. Hattie’s

definition of “collective efficacy” is “collaborative conversation based on evidence”.

It is so important for us to remember that we cause learning. Collaboratively designing instruction (mini-lessons) based on what our students are telling us is one of the most important responsibilities teacher teams have. Moving forward, please feel free to invite me when you plan instructional strategies. I would love to be a part of it.

Curricular Updates

3-5 ILEARN information -

Please visit the ILEARN for Educators website and look on the right hand side for the Teacher Resource Toolkit. The Toolkit includes all of the blueprints for ILEARN, information about how to access the ILEARN released items repository, information to provide to parents, and more.

FYI about priority standards-

Changes to the ELA blueprints:

3rd ELA 3RL2.2 ( currently Q4) is now not a priority standard

4th ELA 4RN 3.3 (currently Q3) and 4RN 4.1 (currently Q2) are no longer priority standards

5th ELA 5RN 3.1 is now not a priority standard (currently in Q2)

All Math, SC, SS priority standards did not change.

The standards with the highest max numbers are the standards that increasing get harder (computer adaptive based on how students answer a question).

When you look at the M, SC, and SS blueprints it gives you the total operational items for the test (example SS 40 total operational items).

Link to Math Blueprints ~ Priority Standards are Highlighted

Link to ELA Blueprints

4th Grade Teachers, the computer science standards are now highlighted in yellow on your Science/Social Studies pacing guide (in the Team Drive). Resources have been added and are linked in the pink resource section. Just FYI - there are only 3 computer science standards to be looking for in this document!

K-2 Dibels Reminder -

The MOY Dibels window is earlier than in past years. MOY Dibels assessments occur from November 19-December 12th. A class coverage schedule will be provided to help complete assessments in a timely manner.

Counselor's Corner

Brain Smart Start

Please take a moment to see Brain Smart Start in action in 2nd grade.

Mrs. Parsons allowed me to come and lead her class through the 4 components.


Things to notice:

1. They won't do it perfect the first time. It's ok to reteach just like any other procedure.

*The important part is to reteach it positively.*

2. This was their first time singing the song. Over a week's time, they will be able to sing and do motions even better. In fact I would even come up with motions as a class during the down times in the song.

3. The breathing technique is so powerful. I am now able to use it with kids across the school when I work with them in the moment of upset.

4. I showed Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (an I Love You Ritual) as the Connect because I've seen the effect it has on our most struggling kids. It makes a difference to have positive touch; however, this is the component where you can do any of the great things you've already been doing for morning meeting connections. (ex: rock, paper, scissors, fishbowl, team building, group games, talking stick, etc.)

5. ABOVE ALL: Use this time to really enjoy yourself and your kids. You never know, but you could be literally saving a life by teaching them to be Brain Smart.

As always I wish you well,



Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

November 5th Week 14 Playground Expectations


Staff Spirit Wear Orders due by November 7th! Please give order forms, cash or checks to Sarah Poole.

You may have seen the new BINGO board in the staff workroom. We are going to work together as an OHANA to fill up the lines on each sheet and therefore making a BINGO. Once we get 5 in a row BINGO the entire staff earns a prize. We will get prizes for EVERY BINGO that we get. Do something nice for someone and sign your name. If someone does one of these things for you, but doesn't' put their name, YOU are welcome to put their name on the line for them. Let's have fun with this while earning prizes!!

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Ohana Calandar

DIBELS PM Yellow/Green Week

Media Specialist at Acton

Cogat Testing Window

Monday 11/5/18

  • IMPD Body Safety Program

Tuesday 11/6/18
  • Collaboration: Instructional Best Practices PD

  • PTO Meeting

  • IMPD Body Safety Program

Wednesday 11/7/18
  • Counselor's Meeting
  • Collaboration: Team Focus and CORE TEAM
  • Staff Spirit Wear Orders DUE!

Thursday 11/8/18

  • Principal's Meeting

  • Evacuation Drill 3:00

  • Academic Team

Friday 11/9/18

  • Veterans Day Program- Run 2 hour delay schedule
  • Coaches Meeting

Coming Up Before You Know It:

11/15 TItle 1 Parent Night

11/15 2nd Grade Music Program

11/16 Midterms Posted

11/16 Tech Team Meeting

11/19 PBIS Team Meetings

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