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Click on the picture for the Science Bingo Board!

Directions: Click here for video directions

  1. Start by making a Science Notebook to make drawings and write notes - now you can make an X in the middle spot!

  2. Pick activities that seem fun and try them - keep notes and draw about them in your notebook

  3. Make an X in the box once you’ve done it - try to get at least 5 Xs for BINGO. You can do things more than once!

Science & Engineering

Engineering Design Challenges:

Be an engineer and use the Engineering Design Process:

  1. What is the problem you want to try to solve?

  2. Make a plan. Draw a picture of your design and find materials.

  3. Create it and test it.

  4. Reflect. What did you learn? How can you improve your design?

Click here for the FPS STEAM@Home weekly challenge!

FPS students are encouraged to visit the STEAM@Home website to participate in the weekly STEAM challenge! Fill out the Google Form on the website to submit a photo of what you created to be shared on the STEAM@Home website!

Watch Ms Feynman's Awesome Science videos!

Ms Feynman is the Framingham Public Schools' STEAM Coordinator and she is creating weekly videos showing some awesome science experiments and ways we can learn more about science during remote learning! Click on her photo above or click here for links to all of her videos and other suggested websites to go along with the videos. Enjoy, Woodrow Wilson scientists!

PBS Kids: Design Squad:

Build a boat that can hold 25 pennies and stay afloat for at least 10 seconds! Design and build a robotic arm that can lift a cup off the table. Or explore other ideas for engineering design challenges on the PBS Kids Design Squad website! There are many fun ideas for engineering design challenges that kids can design and build with materials you may have at home.

Global Cardboard challenge:

Looking for a positive way to connect and create? Create an arcade game out of cardboard, scissors, and tape for the online Global Cardboard Challenge! Digitally share your progress (with your parents’ permission) and connect with other families all over the world through Flipgrid. The Global Cardboard Challenge is inspired by a cardboard arcade created by then 9-year-old Caine Monroy out of boxes and everyday objects (see his video here: Caine’s Arcade)

Science Experiment ideas:

Here are some websites with ideas for different science experiments you can do with materials you may have at home! Or use the Scientific Method and create your own experiment:

  1. Observe and ask a question.
  2. Form a hypothesis. What do you predict will happen?
  3. How will you test your hypothesis? Plan and do your experiment.
  4. Reflect. What did you learn? What else can you do to learn more?


Two weeks worth of fun and easy science experiments

Quick Science labs

Mystery Science

Be an inquirer and a scientist with Mystery Doug videos and experiments aligned to grade level standards on the Mystery Science website. Explore the short mini-lesson videos answering kids’ questions like:

How is a rainbow made?

Can animals laugh?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?


Watch silly, short animated movies with Tim and his robot friend Moby to learn about many subjects including science, social studies, English, math, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music on the BrainPoP website. Login by clicking the “Clever” button, search for Wilson Elementary School, Framingham, and then use your school email. Click here for directions for how to login to BrainPoP.

This is a good video for kids to answer questions about the Coronavirus: BrainPoP video: Coronavirus

Social Studies

Framingham Historical Society

We are living in a historical time right now! Write one sentence each day in a journal and take photos showing your daily life during this pandemic. With your parents’ permission, you can share your journal and photos with the Framingham Historical Society COVID-19 digital archive . Maybe in the future people will read about your experiences as a primary source to better understand what daily life was like during the spring of 2020!

Explore the world!

Download the Google Earth app or go to the Google Earth website to take a virtual trip anywhere in the world! Find Woodrow Wilson School or your home in Framingham and then spin the globe and travel to a city far away! You could also go to the 360Cities website to travel to cities all around the world. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Go on a virtual field trip with these websites:

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with links

25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Let’s “visit” the zoo, the aquarium, the farm, a planetarium, volcanoes, Yellowstone National Park, Boston Children’s Museum, Ellis Island, The Great Wall of China, Mars, and more! What do you see, think, and wonder?!

What do you wonder about the world?

Explore thousands of wonders on the Wonderopolis website and add your own questions to the website. Let’s be INQUIRERS and ask questions to learn more about our world!

Current events, social studies, and science articles for kids:

Time for Kids : Read about current events and information about the world in this weekly online magazine for kids.

Kids Discover website : This website has many science and social studies to explore such as American History or Space Science!

Newsela: Sign up for a free Newsela student account. There is also a Newsela app you can use to read articles on a phone or tablet. Newsela is great because you can change the reading level of each article to make it easier or more challenging. You can also answer multiple choice questions about the articles. There are many Newsela articles for kids about Coronavirus.

Educational and fun YouTube channels for kids: