The effects of cyberbullying

effects of cyberbullying

Some effects of cyber bullying are

Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues.

Studies have shown that victims feel a wide range of negative emotions as a result of being cyberbullied.

The effects of cyberbullying may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor builds up over time. Many students experiencing cyber bullying feel alone and scared. In most instances, cyber bullying doesn’t start online, but in person.

– This is self‐reported data collected from a group of students in one institution, who are asked to recall instances from their pre‐college experience. Additional research on from a variety of age groups and cross‐culturally would add another layer of understanding about cyberbullying among teens.

Being targeted by cyberbullies can feel crushing especially if a lot of kids are participating in the bullying. Sometimes the stress of dealing with cyberbullying can cause kids to feel like the situation is more than they can handle.

“Kids that are bullied are likely to experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness, and poor sleep,” explains Jennifer N. Caudle, DO, an AOA board-certified family physician in Philadelphia.

For many cyber bullying affects their everyday lives and is a constant source of distress and worry. With mobile technology being so freely available it is an ongoing issue and one that is relentless.

A review of the evidence suggests that cyberbullying poses a threat to adolescents’ health and well-being.

Everyone has the right to be respected, safe and free from violence, harassment and bullying. A life free from violence and from cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment is a fundamental human right. Bullying and harassment can also lead to violations of a range of other human rights.

o cyberbullying is not some insignificant problem experienced by few. Cyberbullying is widespread, your children are aware of it, they understand how it happens and yet they are not aware of or concerned with the consequences of such actions. These are some effects of cyberbullying.