Somerset ES Staff Bulletin

Week of December 7th

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’ ” – Audrey Hepburn Read

Events This Week

Sunday (12/6) - 5:00-7:00 PM Rock N Roll Circle of Giving

Monday (12/7)

8:00-12:00 ACCESS Training (Maureen and Brooke out)

1:45-3:00 Core Team

3:45-4:45 - Leadership Team Meeting

5:30-8:30 - Chipotle Night Fundraiser

Tuesday (12/8)

9:30-11:00 - Inview Testing - Grade 4/5 (Rescreen and new students only)

1:30-3:00 - Inview Testing - Grade 2 (all students) and Grade 3 (Rescreen and new students only)

Wednesday (12/9)

8:00-4:00 A&S Meeting (Kelly out)

1:30-3:00 - Inview Testing - Grade 2 (all students) and Grade 3 (Rescreen and new students only)

Thursday (12/10)

IEP/EMT -- Coverage

8:30 Traywick -- Lambert-Williamson

9:30 McIntosh -- Lambert-Williamson

10:30 Rich -- Lambert-Williamson

1:30 Sakaria -- Andreassi

2:30 Private School

Friday (12/11)

SLO Revisions Due to Kelly/Maureen via Google Classroom

Mad Science (Grade 3)

8:00-4:00 EPAT Meeting/PLC Meeting (Kelly out)

1:00-4:00 AP Meeting (Maureen out)

Upcoming Events

Monday (12/14) - 3:45-4:45 Staff Meeting & 10:00-10:50 Para Meeting

Staff Recognition

Kudos to:

- Elizabeth, Maggie and Erica for entering Somerset into the Hour of Code contest.

- Regina for her tech expertise!

- Michelle for helping Susan get out the PARCC letters.

· - 5th grade for helping K teachers do Hour of Code

· -Billy & Hillary for helping to rethink MIRL data collection

· -Greg for helping to advocate for his student’s GT identification

· -Bess for being flexible and guiding team planning

· -Erin for helping her team determine SLOs and following up with Brooke

· -Melissa, Barbara, Amanda, Nancy, Danielle, Tracy for assisting in Co-Teaching videos

· -Hillary for discussing Subliminal with Brooke

· -Molly for helping get resources for substitute teacher

· -Elissa for being patient with Google Classroom

· -Amanda for bringing in news reports to supplement social studies instruction

· -2nd grade, ESOL, Resource, Maureen, Colleen, and paras for helping with InView Testing

· -Rich for letting Brooke cover his 5th grade class this morning.

· -Kat for helping problem solve and support a 4th grade student need.

· -Erica for lending Brooke her white hat.

· -Kym for sharing how students demonstrated multiple understandings in math

· -Danielle, Jane and Barbara for invaluable feedback to Brooke.

· -Nancy and Susan for helping Brooke on Friday.

Happy Birthday to:

12/12 Beth Andreassi (Para/Lunch/Recess)

Announcements and Important Information

-Please welcome:

1) AJ Rudd who is a special education para working in Kathy's room.

2) Barbara Davis who has filled our .5 Special Education position (starting Monday).

3) Gail Jones who will be Colleen's long term sub (starting Monday).

- A reminder from Colleen: Do not click the mark complete button when entering MIRL data.