Digital Citizenship Project D.C.P


The SE7EN Digital Citizenship rules .

RULE NUMBER ONE : Treat people the way you want to be treated.

What i mean is if you on online then treat people you would in the real world so like being nice, kind,and helpful instead of mean ,unkind and hurtful.

Personal information

RULE NUMBER TWO: personal information.

This rule means don't put any personal information on online because they could use it to blackmail you and even if you get spyware it might not matter because` the hackers ,sloths or what ever is trying to get your information is always a step ahead

The social network

RULE NUMBER THREE:Social network

one thing about the social media is any thing put on social media STAYS on social media if you put say or do anything on social media it stays so the rule is be careful, think about what your posting or saying, because if you say anything hurtful it stays with you forever.

online safety

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Online safety

there are five steps to being safe online step 1.Ask for permission to get on online like instagram,facebook and other online entertainment.step 2. be extra careful with strangers and its terrible to think that their are people using the online to trick kids and be care full not to revel anything personal to anyone like the rule online safety.Step 3. tell someone your being ask personal questions like photos,numbers ,address and etc . step 4 protect your passwords at all costs keeping your passwords safe from everyone even your friends . step five be nice this is the most importent rule because if you're not nice your be kicked out of the online world.

RULE NUMBER F.I.V.E: CyberBullying

If you say or do anything mean like a comment then your a cyber bully and you should stop but if your being cyberbullied hen block the bully and be done with it if you say anything back they will keep coming back to cyberbully you what i'm trying to say if don't fight back because youll be walking into a trap.
FULL VIDEO: Amanda Todd: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Harm, Fighting


plagiarism is a crime in all states plagiarism is when someone take work that's not theirs so don't copy anyone's work because if you do you'll be arrested.


copyright is a legal right given to directors writers and people like that and it's used to make rights to the respected writer.