Fable Story

Cheyanne Lynn Pritchett

One day Luke, Grover, Annabeth, and Thalia were battling cyclops and Annabeth and Thalia were arguing when the were fighting and Grover was trying to make them stop but he got dragged into the argument. Luke had to push Grover to the ground so that he didn't get poisoned. Thalia got poisoned and died but her dad, Zeus, saved her by turning her into a tall Oak Tree. Now Grover and Annabeth were arguing. Luke grabbed Annabeth and pushed her out of the way. '' Stop fighting both of you! You both sound like little kids. ENOUGH! Now Annabeth you take out his left side and Grover you take out his middle and I will take his left'', said Luke. ''No way and I taking his middle! Annabeth you can'', said Grover. ''Fine! Scaredy cat!' said Annabeth. While they were going at all three sides the cyclops hit Annabeth while Grover and her were arguing. ''ANNABETH!!!!'' screamed Luke. Athena, Annabeth's mother heard what happened and turned her daughter in a beautiful Willow tree. ''No!!! Annabeth!'', said Luke. ''Luke, I am so sorry! We can go get the golden fleece for both of them.'' ''Go and get it then.'' They went and got they saved them both. ''Luke?'', said Annabeth. ''Annabeth! I am so sorry for getting mad at you.'', said Luke. '' Hello! I am still here'', said Thalia.
The Theme of this story is check whats around you before you take a move.