Franklin House

Week of November 18, 2013

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: In Achieve3000 and in class activities this week we will focus finding the main idea/theme. We are about half way through our read aloud and will continue with that over the next two weeks. Students should continue reading at home each night. 

Mrs. Allen: students will be working on their Literature Circle books that should be finished by Friday. We will also be typing up our personal narratives in Google docs. Students should have their 2nd draft typed by Thursday. This is the last week for the Teenbiz competition, please encourage your student to get points at home!!!

Ms. Naze: Students are reading a book and preparing for book club discussions. They have a schedule set up with expectations each day. TeenBiz lessons are to be done at 2 per week at minimum focusing on reading strategies.


Math 4: Unit 4 is short one that covers surface area of prisms and pyramids. We will be finishing it by the end of this week and then we will go to Unit 6 which focuses on finding the volume of prisms and pyramids.

Math 7, 8: We will be reviewing all operations using decimals. We will then start working with fractions by comparing, finding equivalent fractions and then adding and subtracting fractions.


We will be starting Chapter 2: Stars. Students will be working on their packet, reading,and starting their star project. We have quizzes after every section. Please ask to see your students scores in the grade book section of Schoology.

Social Studies

We are continuing our study on the Industrial Revolution and the Progressive Era. Students are creating projects to introduce the era. Quiz Wed. on the reasons for the American Industrial Revolution.


If your child likes being in front of people and performing, this may be a great option to look into for an extra curricular activity!