The sun house is a building that is basically a large kitchen to cook your meats and maybe other foods using solar energy by the suns rays come through the glass roof that cooks your meats and you can live on the first floor

How does it work?

Instead of cooking your meat in a stove or microwave which uses electricity you can easily go up to the second floor and cook your meats by hanging it on a rack so the sun gets through the glass and cooks the meat then you take it down maybe put salt on or something then it's ready for eating

The money

Could have weekly fund raisers and ask for donations from local business's if they give do not give you just plain out money you could sell the stuff they give you in your fund raisers

People that may use it

People that may use the sun house are people that may not have much money to buy kerosene or may not have electricity or don't have coal or don't like their food to be cooked by fire in their homes and the sun house would work efficiently in hot sunny days or areas that get lots of sun