Prodigy is waiting for you!

The thing you've always subconsciously craved.

Our annual event is almost here.

Every year we hold a public event, where we get out of our shop and into the streets. Various stands are opened, where you can join in on all the fun for a very minimal charge. Some of the worlds most famous artists will be visiting, painting experts, designers, graffiti experts, comedians, and so much more. There will be a paintball event for all the attendants at the end of the day, where we all get to have the blast and fun of our lives together. Everyone will be joining, the visitors, the staff, our special guests, and most importantly you. Hurry up, book your spot, the places are limited!

We can't wait to see you here!

Annual Prodigy

Sunday, Nov. 16th, 10am to Tuesday, Nov. 18th, 8pm

This is an online event.

We will be dominating Jumeirah Beach Park for a few days. It will be the event of a lifetime. We can guarantee that you will have stories you would tell your grandchildren about after this event. Hurry up, places are limited.

Prodigy, we're all prodigies.

We are all a prodigy, but the only difference is that we don't all embrace it and express it the way it has to be done. Email us, text us, comment on our page, and don't forget to check out our website and book yourself a ticket. Tickets will be sold in Virgin Megastore starting from November the 3rd.