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January 2016

This is your year!

January is the month where many of us resolve to do things differently, make resolutions, get healthier, lose weight, vow to be a better person and so on. Many of us set expectations so high that we give up by the end of the month. When looking at your doTERRA business to set goals or resolutions, take a minute to evaluate last years efforts. Evaluations give you a better idea of where you've been so you can make a clearer plan for where you want to go. doTERRA business blog has some great suggestions for this.....ask yourself:

*What did I do well this past year?

*What did not work well this past year?

*What was my greatest accomplishment?

*What was my greatest disappointment?

*What new skills have I learned and how have they helped me?

*Did I achieve my goals for 2015? Why or why not?

After you've answered those questions, you have a better perspective when setting goals for 2016. Here are some tips to getting off to a successful start:

*Keep it simple. The more complicated the goal is, the less likely you are to achieve it.

I like to have a few short term goals that will help me achieve my long term goal. Keep that in mind. Then write these goals down and keep them visible. Share them with your upline/mentor and check in with them on your progress. I would love to help if needed.

*Remember your achievements. Have a jar and a stack of papers somewhere you will see them every day. Write your accomplishments down, and put them in the jar. Open them when you are feeling discouraged. Post your accomplishments in our builder group! We are your biggest cheerleaders and source of encouragement! For that matter, post your struggles too. You are more than likely not alone and some one may have good advice to share.

*Measurement is important. Make sure you have a way to measure your progress.

* When you've met a goal, reward yourself! It could be simple like a nice dinner out or a pair of earrings you've been wanting to get. Maybe it is a trip somewhere. You know what motivates you, so set a reward for each goal you've met.

*Stay positive and be kind to yourself.

I am praying that each of you find much success in 2016; in your business, in your personal life and in your communities. I am available for mentor calls. I hope you will give me a call or shoot me an email or text if I can assist you in any way.

Here's to reaching our goals in 2016,


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100 prospects for the new year and a giveaway!

A great exercise to do at the beginning of the year is to create a new prospect list. Write down every single person you can think of, from your mail carrier to your vet. Don't leave any one off. You never know who is ready to say yes to you. Set class dates in advance, make a contact and sample if you can, then invite and enroll. It can be that easy when you have a list to work with. So get out your pen and paper, or go to your computer. Add a minimum of 5 names to each suggested category below (or come up with your own) and off you go!!

*neighbors*relatives*New moms*Working moms*Families I know with children*Day Care centers I pass every day*People from our holiday card list*People from church/synagogue*Friends from high school/college*Grandmas*preschools*craft festivals/local organizations*Doctor/Dentist office*Contacts from local newspaper*Ladies clubs*Colleagues from work/spouse's work*new acquaintances*teachers*community schools/homeschool groups*Other (be creative)

These are just a few of the ways you can think of people you might not typically approach. Don't pre-qualify anyone. Everyone is in need of what we have to offer. They just don't know it yet! Get to brain storming and make your list today. Good luck and let me know how you do! Everyone who sends me a pic of their list via email or text by January 10th, 2016 will be entered to win a goodie bag of awesome doTERRA products!

With the New Year New You Promo and Frankincense extended, the first 15 days can be huge for your business! Go get 'em! Make sure you familiarize yourself with the New Year New You promotion.

AromaTouch Technique Training in Kingwood TX

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 9am-3:30pm

2122 Fern Creek Trail, Kingwood, TX 77345

The AromaTouch Technique was created by Dr. David K. Hill, a physician and worldrenowned expert in the medicinal use of essential oils. Dr. Hill wanted to develop a technique that would be easy enough for anyone to learn and administer, yet powerful enough to produce consistent results. The AromaTouch Technique incorporates simple hand techniques with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness experience. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance.

What is included in the $149:

Kit containing 8 essential oils; instructional DVD, class workbook, lite lunch, certificate of completion from doTERRA, 6 hours of instruction including classroom and experiential. (you will give, receive and observe the technique)

What to bring to class:

Notebook, pen, water and snacks, 2 flat sheets and a pillowcase to cover massage table/face cradle, and doTERRA WA# if applicable. Also wear casual, comfortable clothes like a button down shirt that can easily be turned around for application of oils. Oils are applied on the back, scalp and feet.


You do not have to have a wholesale account with doTERRA to participate. Members and non-members are welcome.

The $149 fee is set by doTERRA and is due at registration. Even if you have the oils, the price is set and cannot be changed.

You can transfer your ticket if needed. If you cannot attend class, fee will be applied to next available class date. Please contact me.

To register and pay by credit card click this link to register. To pay by check, fill out this registration and mail check payable to Caroline Vinal 2122 Fern Creek Trail, Kingwood TX 77345.

Contact me with any questions.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

**December Shout Outs**

Congratulations to all of those who have advanced in rank and had many enrollments this past month. I know many of you are working hard, still waiting to hit rank goals and I hope you won't get discouraged. It took me 20 months to hit my last rank; just don't give up! It will happen!

New Rank Advancements:

SILVER: ( 3 elite legs)

Terri Mulhearn

ELITE: (3000ov)

Andrew Hawes

Kristen Wiggins

Christina Trotter

Sandy Mackey

EXECUTIVE: (2000ov)

Ana Maria Gibson

Maaike del Villar

Rene Ramirez

Kelsey Sides

4 new directors and 13 managers!! Way to go Team!!

Top Enrollers:

Kelsey Sides ~ 5

Rosemary Noe ~ 4

Lindsey Gunsauls ~ 4

Jeri Grimes ~ 3

9 more enrolled 2 each and 22 of you enrolled one. Y'all are amazing! Keep sharing these oils!

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essential choices, LLC

Team essential choices is a group of doTERRA wellness advocates who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products with others. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in a variety of ways, including doTERRA's product line. We strive to encourage one another and help others on their path to natural wellness making essential choices that are good for the body, mind and soul.
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