RES Staff Update

October 23-27, 2017

Staff Dress for This Week

Red Ribbon Week Dress all week. Jeans are fine as long as you are dressed with the theme.

Monday-Too BRIGHT for Drugs (wear neon and sunglasses)

Tuesday-From Head to Toe, We're Drug-Free (Crazy socks and hair) OR Team Shirt Tuesday

Wednesday-Power to Say No (Superhero dress)

Thursday-Give Drugs the Boot (western wear)

Friday-Our Future is Drug-Free (college shirts)

Monday, October 30: Pink Out Day!!

Tuesday, October 31: Orange and/or Black with Jeans (No "Halloween"--ghosts, witches, "Happy Halloween" or "Boo" shirts)

Staff Updates

Welcome to Ginger Ricketts!! Ginger just started at Robison this week and will be supporting our 4th and 5th-grade classrooms. Please take a moment to introduce yourself if you have not already. We are so fortunate to have Ginger on our staff!

We have another paraprofessional, Michele Steinhauser, who will be joining us on November 1.

Currently, Nicole Grimaldo is filling the role as support for large group. I am looking to hire someone for this position, so please let me know if you know anyone that might be interested.

I am still looking for additional para support, so any leads you might have would be appreciated.

Goal Setting & Compliance Course

Teacher goal setting and the completion of the CFISD Compliance Course were both due last Friday, October 20. Please be sure that you have completed these two important tasks. Thank you!!

WATCH D.O.G.S. Pizza Night

If you are interested in helping serve pizza and/or check in dads as they arrive for Pizza Night on October 24, please sign up with Sally. This is usually a big event, so we appreciate any help that you are able to provide. All staff members that help with this event will receive a week of jeans pass and pizza for dinner. :) Please RSVP by Monday if you are helping.

Dads will begin volunteering on Monday, October 30. The sign up is through a sign-up genius link that will be made available through School Messenger on Wednesday, October 25. Our WATCH dogs are given a schedule for the day when they arrive, and they might spend a portion of their day in your classroom. Think of ways that they can be of support to you in the classroom. Maybe there is a student that needs someone to read with them or a student that needs to review their facts. These are easy examples of things they can do. Thank you for making them feel welcome in your classroom. For those of you new to this, please see any administrator if you have questions.

There is an information video below that is also shared at our training.

Grades Due on Friday

Please make sure your grades are complete by Friday, October 27. You will need to print off your grades and turn those into your AP as well. Report cards will go home on Friday, November 3.

Staff Birthdays

This year we will celebrate staff birthdays with a cake in the lounge, as well as have each staff member spin the wheel for a prize! Our first celebration will be this Friday, October 27. We'll be celebrating September and October birthdays (we'll catch our August birthdays at the end of the year for all of the summer birthdays). On Friday, everyone with a September or October birthday may stop by Sally's office to spin the wheel!

Happy Birthday (September) to: Allie Rother, Barbara Holsome, Jessica Quisenberry, Lisa Murray, Ashley Leach, Sandra Uribe, Sarah Judson, Angela Lemos, Liliana Quiroz, Mia Tannous, and Adriana Gonzalez!

Happy Birthday (October) to: Roshunda Knight, Julie Kastor, Christi Moran, Vickey Tryon, Jenny Daniell, and Kerry Yount!

Parent Focus Group

For those that are new to Robison, the focus group meetings are meetings for parents with the principal and AP's. It is just an opportunity for me to hear from them about any thoughts or concerns they might have. It's a casual meeting (not a long agenda), and usually take place in the kiva, library or cafeteria. The location depends on how many respond. I will be sending a reminder to parents about our first focus group meeting on Thursday, November 2 at 9:00 am. I wanted to be sure that you all knew what this was in case you receive any questions.

Crisis Drills

Our required crisis drills will take place next week on Monday, October 30. We are required to complete certain drills, and John will be sending you more details about this.

Voting on November 7

As a reminder, voting will take place on November 7. Robison is a polling site; therefore, all lunches will take place in the classroom on this day. We will be using the cafeteria for voting in order to keep the voters away from the instructional areas.

Early voting begins on Monday! Please take time to learn about the candidates, especially for our local elections (i.e. school board). If you need to leave to vote early during the school day, just let me know. You will not need to take an "hour leave" to do this.

Early voting hours at Juergen's Hall (26026 Hempstead Hwy) (street behind Target)

October 23 - October 27: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

October 28: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

October 29: 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

October 30 - November 3: 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Personal Leave Requests

Please be sure to complete a personal leave request (attached below) prior to taking personal leave. If you are wanting a particular sub, you are responsible for contacting the person and then indicating on the form that they have accepted the job. Sally will then be able to put that sub in for you. Please do not suggest someone for Sally to contact. This takes too much time for her to do this for each person. If you do not secure your own sub, Sally will put in your job and it will be open for anyone to pick up.


October 26: 4th grade (all day)

October 30: 5th grade (all day)

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October Twitter Challenge

The Week 4 challenge is here, and since we are a week behind, I will post the Week 5 challenge once it's shared! Remember to tag your post with #kdislowchat. To qualify for this month's drawing, you will need to have completed at least 3 of the 5 challenges. The prize is a cute t-shirt (almost ready) that you will get to wear the rest of this year on Wednesdays with JEANS. Remember that your post must address the challenge. Once you have posted 3 responses to KDIslowchat, stop by my office for a ticket to put in the t-shirt drawing. I'll draw on the morning announcements on Halloween!

A bingo challenge will be our next Twitter challenge, and details are coming soon.

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Upcoming School Events

October 23-27 is Red Ribbon Week. Details were in the Rocket Register and are above--Feel free to share with parents in news blast.

October 24 is WATCH D.O.G.S. Pizza Night: Paras and teachers that are interested in working this fun event (6:15 to 8:15), please sign up with Sally.

Spring Creek Spirit Night is Wednesday, October 25. A sign up will be sent soon. With a limited number of spots, we will designate how many teachers can sign up from each grade level. It does not mean that only those teachers may attend, but it is not possible for an entire grade level to serve rolls. Priority will be given to those that have not signed up before. Servers work a 30-minute shift and are given an apron and free dinner. They will also be given a gift certificate when the staff returns to distribute prizes to the students. Please consider friendly competitions among your classes. This fundraiser goes directly to the school.

October 31 is trick-or-treating for the staff. The A-team will be preparing some tasty treats that you'll "collect" as you travel through our offices that day.

Sick Leave Bank

An email was forwarded to everyone about this. The deadline for enrolling is October 31.


The master calendar is attached below for your convenience.