Our Ideal School

Aydan, Cade, Jett, Ryan

Mission statement

In Heritage middle school we want to take a more individual approach to our school, and invest time in student security. We think that our teachers should be very involved in students learning, we also believe in order in our school that kids should be respectful. We believe that our students should give us 110% and show up to school ready and on time and give us their full attention.

Goals and Ideas for our school

  • Have students figure out a general work field for them
  • Have a good social environment
  • Serve good food for kids and see what they like
  • Have excellent technology
  • Have areas where students can work
  • Have Free time

Q and A

Q: Names of the Each teams mascot?, A: The Hawks, Pirates, Knights, and Wizards

Q: How big is you school?, A: Our School will have 4 buildings and a School Grounds in the middle of them.

Q: How long is a school day?, A: 6 hours 5 being apart of school 1 being Eagle Hour, you can come to school at any time but have to complete your 6 hours

Q: What type of punishments will you have?, A: ISS, OSS, Suspending, Principals office, Lunch detention

Q:What do your teachers teach like?, A: 1 on 1 teaching, group work, individual work

Q:How will you collect results to see if the students are learning?, A: At the end of the week students will take diagnostic test in each core class and see how they improved

Q:What will your lunches be like?, A: 30 minute period where students will be able to buy a wide variety of up to 5 items, and will be able to go where they like (Outside grounds, Lunch room, Team hall

Q:Will you have uniforms?, A: Our school will have Uniforms but they only have to wear them when they are instructed to